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Lisa Gordon


A Collaborative Voice for Ward 6

My #1 priority is that we work together and that all voices are heard to improve our great city and meet the challenges of the future.
Lisa Gordon and family

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Top Issues

Crystal Lake Under Construction at Levingston Cove

Navigating Newton should not be a frustrating experience. We need well-maintained streets, sidewalks, bike lanes and green open spaces, athletic fields, and playgrounds. For example, Ward 6 is home to Crystal Lake, one of the gems of Newton. This is a great public resource that has not received the care and attention that it deserves.  We need to rebuild the bathhouse and the public swimming area and expand the hours of operation as well as address the Cronin’s Cove public area and boat launch, and the parking on the streets near the public swim area. {more}

Mason-Rice School, Newton, MA

Our schools are what makes Newton a community. I am a proud supporter of our school system – a system that furnished both me and my children with a world-class education. Without families to hold us together we lose our foundation. Part of what makes our schools outstanding is the education in arts and the rigorous curriculum.  A strong curriculum includes not only the fundamental academic subjects but art, music, and electives. We need to commit to ensuring our schools continue to rank as the best in the state. {more}

Newton Centre Village Green
Re-Zoning & Development

The city council is in charge of making generational changes in Newton from deciding where the MBTA zoning will go (which streets are in and which are out) to the Village Center Overlay Districts. Included in the Village Center Overlay Districts are buildings up to 4.5+ stories, changing the zoning on residential streets, removing parking requirements, and removing city council oversight for projects up to 30,000 square feet. {more}

A Collaborative Voice for Ward 6

Stand Up To Jewish Hate